US Ambassador gives Tips on How Nigerian can end killings

US Ambassador React To Jos Killings
US Ambassador React To Jos Killings

US Ambassador React To Jos Killings – Owing to the recent genocide in Jos on 25th June, 2018, US Ambassador Stuart Symington gave his views, agitations and plans of helping out in the situation. The US mission in Nigeria has called on citizens and leaders in the country to stay united with a view to ending the violence against civilians. The mission in a Tweet on Tuesday, June 26, stated that Nigerians could make the killings stop by being uniting regardless of religion or ethnic backgrounds.

The US ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, made the statement in a tweet in reaction to the reported attacks in Plateau state which is said to have claimed more than 120 lives.

Nigeria’s leaders and citizens have it in their power to make this killing stop now, if you are united across all regions, all occupations, and all faiths,” the tweet stated. 

US Ambassador React To Jos Killings – Recently, the United State of America frowned at the attacks in Plateau which claims more than 120 lives also leaving several others injured. Heather Naurert, spokeperson for the US Department of State, issued a statement on the attacks. In his words, he said – the parptrators of the attack shoudl be brought to justice.

plateau genocide
plateau genocide

“We join President Buhari and others in sending our deepest condolences to the affected communities, and in the desire to see the perpetrators brought to justice and to prevent further violence,” Nauert said.

NPBS has earlier reported that President Muhammadu Buhari paid a visit to Jos and gave strict tasks to service chiefs of Nigeria. Vice President Osibanjo also paid a visit to Jos, plateau.

From all of us at NPBS (Nigeria Police Broadcasting Service) offer our condolences to the Victims of the Jos Genocide, the Plateau State Governor, and to Nigeria. God Bless Nigeria

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