Stress weakens immune system, causes depression

Stress weakens immune system

Stress weakens immune system, causes depression

Mr. Moses Tingir, a clinical psychologist at Garki Hospital, Abuja, explained how stress weakens immune system.

In a workplace stress could adversely affect optimal performance, weakens the immune system and cause depression if not properly managed.

Tingir, who is also a member of British Psychological Society, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Abuja that failure to properly manage workplace-related stress could lead to complications such mood swing, anxiety, depression, weak immune system and even total breakdown.

“Stress affects body functions; it weakens the immune system and can lead to heart disease, as well as cause mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

“It also affects your relationship with colleagues at work and loved ones at home; you get angry easily, agitated and irritated over issues that normally need not to.”

Tingir said employees were likely to make more errors when they were stressed than when they were not and advised employers to always create break time for workers.

“The chances of an employee who is stressed at work to make errors or cause harm to himself and others is high, especially if he or she is using the equipment.

“Break time is very important because it helps in relieving stress.”

The psychologist, therefore, enjoined people to engage in regular exercise such as jogging, walking and swimming to relieve stress.

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