Senator Dino Melaye’s Recall gathers momentum.

senator dino melaye's recall

Senator Dino Melaye’s Recall gathers momentum.

The maverick Senator representing Kogi West in the Red Chamber, Senator Dino Melaye’s recall processes have not only commenced but has gathered more momentum. If this recall sails through, his would be the very first of its kind in Nigeria Political history, as no Senator had been recalled before now. However, it’s believed that when this happens, it will set a chain of events which will lead to many recalls of Senators by their constituents.


Controversial Senator Dino Melaye

It is a well-known fact that the Senator has had one controversy too many dogging his heels since he became a Senator. These controversies range from degree result forgery, to names being misspelled, to making comical videos online and also getting physical with a famous female colleague, not forgetting allegations of arming some thugs, just to mention a few.


Flaunting Senator Dino Melaye.

Senator Dino Melaye got into people’s bad side since he started flaunting and showing off his luxurious lifestyle, splurging on very expensive sports cars and exotic inventions in the auto world, sleek and expensive machines that he proudly refers to as “my toys”, in total disregard to the hunger in the country. It has been said that the senator is gloating and undeserving of such stupendous wealth being constantly shown off to oppress the already oppressed masses.


Verbal Wars with Kogi State Governor.

There has been no love lost between Senator Dino Melaye and his state Governor, Gov. Yayah Bello. The Senator even alleged at one time that the governor sent hired assassins after him and this case is still pending in court.

Just a few days ago, the embattles Dino made a viral video and posted on his Instagram account about the governor. This bad blood with the governor has not helped the plight of the Senator, as the governor is the leader of the party in all the states of the federation.

Social Media Ranting and Drama

Senator Dino Melaye’s attitude online, especially via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is always gangster-like and songs ridden with spite is always rendered by him. These conducts have pitched him negatively against the public-although some find it comical- thus one can understand the public outcry against him leading to this ongoing recall process.

See one of his antics on Instagram below:


The Die is Cast

It remains to be seen how this Senator Dino Melaye’s recall will end, but since a competent Law Court gave its nod backing a continuance of the process, it seems glaring that the Senator’s day in the red chamber is numbered as his cup of antics seems to be full.


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