Popular Olusosun Dump In Ojota Catches Fire, Residents Worry About Health.

olusosun dump

Popular Olusosun Dump In Ojota Catches Fire, Residents Worry About Health.

A massive vehicular traffic has erupted as a result of the ernomous wildfire that has raged on from the Olusosun dump in Ojota, Lagos state.

olusosun dump
The Popular Olusosun Dump Site Is The Largest In Africa.

The wildfire which started yesterday, as of this moment, has no known cause. The smoke from it poses a serious threat to the health of residents and users of the popular Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

The dump site, according to Wikipedia, is the largest in Africa and one of the largest in the world.

Waste from around 500 container ships is also delivered to the site, adding a substantial portion of electronic waste. Some of this material is treated with chemicals to extract reusable products resulting in toxic fumes being released.

Around 1,000 homes exist at the site in shanty towns, occupied by residents who work at the dump scavenging for scrap to sell.

Officials of the Lagos State Fire Service, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency and Parks and Gardens, have been on hand battling to put out the fire since yesterday.

The major affected spots are reportedly, the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, the Tollgate, Seven-Up bus stop and the state secretariat environs.

Health Concerns Of The Olusosun Dump Site’s Inferno

The major concern of the NPBS, asides the health hazards associated with inhaling the thick smoke oozing from the burning rubber and plastics at the dump site is, it is very close to the LAGbus terminal, which has a petrol dispensing pump within its premises.

Already, some buses and stores have reportedly been burnt from the ensuing inferno at the site.

The Cleaner Lagos Initiative, in a statement, asked residents not to panic, saying that the fire was under control.

“It is necessary to clarify that the fire at Olusosun dump wasn’t deliberately set by the Lagos State Government or any individual. It broke out as a result of the pockets of unstable gases caused by indiscriminate dumping and further compounded by dry weather,” it said.

Residents and users of the road within that axis are advised to wear protective masks that has filters. As the billowing smoke is believed to be carrying toxic properties.


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