Public Awareness – Nigerians, Beware of Petroleum Products mixed with water

Petroleum Products mixed with water - Bwar
Petroleum Products mixed with water - Bwar

Nigerians, Beware of Petroleum Products mixed with water

At a time when agitations and rallying cry for referendum of peace

At a time when people of positive minds are on a life–changing journeys

At a time when the word “originality” becomes the order and hash tags of the day_

Devilish acts of magnanimous destructive acts filled the heart of some, highly desperate for “Zeros” in Naira…

A highly perpetrating act of violence which has hurt progress and many lives shut down.

A heart-broken heart engineered with highest-level of platform

So bold to sell “murdering utensils” with highly designed “placecards”

As NPBS (Nigeria Police Broadcasting Service) top aims is to enlighten citizens about their immediate environment, enrich lives of living through effective information, circulation of undiluted news and providing effective policing across Nigeria and beyond, some evil-doers had their tails caught in our trap

The event that unfolds this “devilish act” was tagged “Selling of Petroleum Products mixed with water” on the 18th June 2018, exactly 4:00pm on a sunny afternoon. 6 NPBS official Vehicles were coming from a productive assignments to better lives of Nigerians, branched and parked to refill with high hopes of getting the best out of the fuel bought, needlessly worried about the “adjusted fuel-pump” nor the “un-tidy environment” zoomed off to continue the proposed journey. Few minutes later, the cars jerked like a concussed child.

As mechanically advised, the bonnets were opened only to see water floating and running through the engines, which resulted into turning back to the filling station for an interrogation. As our officials interrogated the filling stations officials, the denied and even swear blatantly for hours. Our officials blocked other cars from entering so as to help stop others being victim.

One could imagine large number of cars who have entered this filling station to get “fuel” and crying right now on how to get their automobile repaired with their hard earned money.

To everyone’s surprise and amazements, NPBS got the root of the cause, water were seen in their tanks which is being sold to Nigerians. It was then concluded that, they had been selling water with petrol just for the multiple gains.

**See Pictures

Petroleum Products mixed with water - 1
Petroleum Products mixed with water – 1
Petroleum Products mixed with water - 3
Petroleum Products mixed with water – 3
Petroleum Products mixed with water - 4
Petroleum Products mixed with water – 4
Petroleum Products mixed with water - 5
Petroleum Products mixed with water – 5

for proofs**


This acts can never be kept, it has to be broadcasted and also serve as a lesson to others who are into the business of spoiling our great Nation (Nigeria).

Remember, NPBS is watching… NPBS got Nigerian’s back…



How do you know?

A good indicator is a sudden change in the performance of your vehicle. You try to accelerate and the car hesitates or sputters consistently.  You try to get up to highway speeds and the car just doesn’t want to cooperate.  Or maybe the vehicle sputters and then revs and jolts to higher speeds when it shouldn’t.

To help stop this reckless endangerment to your automobiles, kindly report such cases on our website.

That’s what we are here for – effective policing, securing lives and properties, protecting rights of citizens. You and I know such acts are rampant amongst us, but we can stop it to have a better Nigeria.

Nigerians beware.

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