OBJ Supports Atiku, Claims “two times better” than Buhari.

Former Nigeria President - OBJ
Former Nigeria President - OBJ

Former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ), yesterday reignited the war of words between him and President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, saying that the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, is several times better than Buhari.

Former Nigeria President - OBJ
Former Nigeria President – OBJ

The PDP, however, replied Tinubu last night, saying his comment on OBJ was reckless and improper and asked him to show more respect to his elder.
OBJ, who made the assertion in an interview he granted the BBC Pidgin monitored in Lagos, said Atiku would perform “two times better” than Buhari.
The former president said Buhari has shown “utter incompetence, condones evil and corruption.”

He stressed that anyone could steal the whole country and go scot-free as long as he belongs to the ruling APC.
He added that the reason he is backing Atiku is because, of the two choices before Nigeria for the immediate, Atiku is better, adding that his former deputy has shown remorse and admitted his past misdeeds.


“Number two, the choice that we have for the immediate in Nigerian situation today and the immediate is 2019 is between the candidate of party APC and PDP. The other minor parties will line behind or not sufficiently relevant.

“So, if APC puts down Buhari and PDP puts down Atiku, and from what I know of Buhari and what you know, what he has done and shown is utter incompetence, nepotism, condones evil and misconduct, including corruption.

“The weakness of the body, mind and the totality of Buhari, compared with Atiku, I believe Atiku will perform two times better than Buhari.

“Now, you can steal the whole of Nigeria and if you belong to APC, you are safe. Corruption is not only stealing money; nepotism is a form of corruption.”

He stated that all the things he said about Atiku in the past remains the same, stressing that no one has come to controvert his claims.

OBJ in the interview insinuated that Buhari’s government accommodates corrupt politicians who defect to the APC while the government has been waging a war on perceived opponents in the name of fighting corruption.

The former president also insisted that, “Even if you steal the whole of Nigeria, once you join APC, you are safe.”
When asked what his perception of the ruling party is, he said, “Now, you can steal the whole of Nigeria, and if you belong to the APC you are safe. But you can steal N10 and criticise Buhari and his government, even when you stole that N10 about 15 years ago, they will come and say look you stole N10, you have seen that.”

This is not the first time OBJ has criticised Buhari in the past few days. The former president had at a press conference held last Sunday at his Ota Farm residence, called out Buhari for what he described as the mismanagement of the Nigerian economy, security and anti corruption fight.

He had also said that the president is not fit to rule Nigeria again while throwing his full weight behind the former vice president.

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