Mubarak Al-Bathali claims Mohamed Salah was punished by God

Kuwaiti preacher Mubarak al-Bathali

An Islamic preacher Mubarak Al-Bathali has claimed that Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah was punished by God for missing Ramadan fast against Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Mohamed Salah had a tussle with Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos which resulted to a shoulder injury and the Egypt international had to leave the pitch in pain just 30 minutes into the game. Initially, Mohamed Salah was said to have claimed that he would fast on the Champions League final day in Kiev, but Liverpool physiotherapist later confirmed later that he would not.

He eventually missed Ramadan fast on May 26, 2018, but he was unable to finish the first half of the game as his side Liverpool went on to lose 3-1 against Real Madrid. But Kuwaiti preacher Mubarak al-Bathali says Salah sinned by breaking his fast for the match, rather than the journey from Britain to Ukraine, which was “not a legitimate excuse” “God punished him for missing Ramadan fast, and he will bear the burden.

Mubarak Al-Bathali-Mohamed-Salah-Injury-Video-and-Sergio-Ramos-Salt-Bae

“Do not think the Muslim believes that life is managed by reason and effort, but life is the hand of God comes to whom he will, whether hard or not diligent. “Perhaps the injury is good for you,” the Kuwaiti preacher was quoted to have said on Twitter by UK Mirror.

Earlier, It was reported how Egypt football authorities reportedly confirmed that Liverpool superstar Mohamed Salah will be fit to represent the north African country at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The 25-year-old suffered a should injury in the Reds 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Kiev last weekend. Salah was flown to Spain earlier this week to begin his recovery process, and the national team doctors along with the country’s football association say his absence “will not exceed” three weeks.

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