Fake News And Information Management in Nigeria.

information management in nigeria

Fake News And Information Management in Nigeria.

The Nigerian news space is compromised and saturated with so much fake news and misinformation that is pertinent to speak out about information management in Nigeria and how it affects us as a people.

Ordinarily, the major sources of breaking news are through the print and electronic media, to which many citizens are often glued to so as to be in the know of events and current happenings in the country and around the world.

However, the print media can no longer be tenable nor trustworthy because lately, most news items have turned out to be fake news, half-truth, innuendo, all of which confuse the listeners more than enlightening them.


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Misinformation Is A Huge Pain In Any Society’s Butt.

A misinformed society is a deprived and vulnerable society. For any reason at all, it is detrimental to the peace and development of a country. It will be surprising to know that many religious, ethnic wars in the country could have been avoided were it not for the scourge of fake news and misinformation.

Therefore members of the general public are thus beseeched to always verify their news and make sure the source of information is not fake but rather a verifiable and authentic source.

Yellow Journalism.

Yellow journalism can simply be explained in layman’s terms to mean the deliberate mischievous acts of a journalist to twist the truth or employ deceits and half-truth in his or her writing with the sole aim of causing havoc to a perceived enemy, a political party or to disparage even a sitting government.

In sane climes, yellow journalism is a big crime which attracts a stiff penalty, however, many yellow journalists in Nigeria have gone unchecked and have ended up confusing members of the public.

It is advised that journalists be wary of what they share with their readers so as not to be culpable of yellow journalism and ultimately getting involved in the breach of peace and order.

In sane climes, Yellow Journalism is a big crime.

The advent of Social Media.

The internet, albeit the social media has given a massive boost to fake news and misinformation. This is made possible by the existence of very many websites which can’t be authenticated and the reason for the hoisting of such websites is fraudulent and questionable.

Thus it is very common to read a news item, say on Facebook, and the news item turns out to be a hoax, a fluke or mere conjectures of the writer. This happens every time for its sole and apparent purpose is to sow a seed of discord and confuse the reading populace. Nigeria as a country has been the most hit by these irresponsible internet news and broadcasts.

Let Peace Reign.

Conclusively, let us be aware that ignorance is a sin and not an excuse. Hence, if you must share any newsworthy item be sure it is the truth, or you’re quoting a verifiable trustworthy source. Nigerian security agencies are now more awake and alert to their duties, one of which is tracking all fake news and misinformation sources and outlets.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, thus if one must share news items, let us make sure it is truthful and capable of strengthening our nationhood. Information management in Nigeria needs to be handled with more care.

God bless Nigeria.

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