Dino Melaye Rejected!!! Kogi PDP Reveals Reasons

Dino Melaye Rejected
Dino Melaye Rejected

Senator Dino Melaye Rejected!!! Kogi PDP Reveals Reasons – Glamorous & scintillating Joy rest in the bosom of Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi State owing to his epic switch from APC to PDP, using his theatrics (as we already know) Dino Melaye to be an entertainer. His Social Media Handles were filled of it in recent days.

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Here, he was seen here singing
“Home my Home” – A Nursery School Rhyme – Tagging his post (Bye Bye To Jati Jati)

What a funny animated personnel- (Nice, Right?)

But a tumultuous glimpse of refusal arose early today July 9th, 2018 when his acclaimed New Party PDP refuted claims he was welcomed and embraced.

To the surprise of all, he was rejected VERBALLY with a Red Stamp on his paper, and even on his forehead … (Funny though?)

In retrospect, he stood firm with his switch from APC to PDP right inside house of senate where he refused to sit amongst his former APC Colleagues. (I bet we could all remember, if not click here to read the post)

Dino Melaye Rejected
Dino Melaye Rejected


The statement read thus

Dino Melaye Rejected

Kogi West Elders Forum (KWEF), a faction of the Kogi state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has rejected Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West, who recently announced his defection back to the Party.

The group claimed that Melaye cannot be given automatic ticket to re-contest for the Kogi West senatorial seat.

They accused the senator of being too controversial for the party and claimed he has lost his popularity among the masses and so cannot win any election.

The group chairman, Hon. Shaibu Momoh, made this known at a press meeting in Lokoja over the weekend.

He said: “That the news of an attempt to impose the controversial Senator Dino Melaye on the peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Kogi West, by the national leadership of the party, as automatic senatorial candidate for the 2019 National Assembly election is hereby rejected in it totality and unacceptable.

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“PDP leadership in kogi West endorsed by the state Leadership was the first Party to take a firm decision to shift/zone the position to other Federal constituency of the state for equity and justice, since over a year now.

“Known aspirants have emerge from other areas excluding Ijumu in PDP and they have being on the field carrying out their consultations and preparing their structures in preparation for the party Senatorial primaries expending huge amount of resources and time for the past 12 months.

“To now impose a strange candidate under a questionable reasons will not only be wrong, unjust and unfair but it will totally collapse all efforts by our highly respected leaders at rebuilding and rebranding the party in the state there by giving an opportunity and undue advantage to the opposition party APC that is in government to contend with.”

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