All you need to know about the China-Africa Trade and FOCAC against 2018 Summit

China Africa Trade - FOCAC 2018
China Africa Trade - FOCAC 2018

All you need to know about the China Africa Trade and FOCAC against 2018 Summit (China Africa trade)

Getting to know China-Africa Cooperation (China Africa Trade) – normally we would think of it as normal inter-country affiliations but it is a Forum whose aims is to bolster inter-trades, aviation, culture, investment and forming alliances.

BREAKING: President Xi pledges another 60 Billion dollars into Africa development.

CAPTION: China AFRICA Trade - as President Xi Meets UN Chief (Photo Cred: FOCAC)
CAPTION: China AFRICA Trade – as President Xi Meets UN Chief (Photo Cred: FOCAC)

It was then formed to be Forum on China-Africa Cooperation know to be an official forum between the People’s Republic of China and all states in Africa. The first ministerial summit was held in 12 October 2000 in Beijing.

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Outcome of the first Summit (October 2000)

As quoted by Wikipedia

The conference passed the Beijing Declaration of the Forum on China–Africa Cooperation and the Programme for China–Africa Cooperation in Economic and Social Development.

The rest was history…


The China-Africa Cooperation has played a crucial roles in Africa’s Future that will benefit all countries involved through investment in railways, ports and other infrastructure that has long been ignored by the western world.

FOCAC Mission to Africans

Equal consultation, enhancing understanding, expanding consensus, strengthening friendship and promoting cooperation.

 Members of FOCAC

53 Africa state including Nigeria


Djibouti to Ethiopia

China’s role in Africa is not as some in the West have it. The continent’s recently opened first cross-border electric railway, Chinese built and operated with funding mostly from the mainland, puts matters into perspective.

Ethiopia’s Economy

Its an arguable fact to consider Ethiopia’s Economy on how it has turned to be Africa’s fastest-growing economy. A 5 years turnaround with association with China-Africa made this happen

Angola’s Oil Supply

One-third of China’s oil supplies comes from the African continent, mainly from Angola Investments of Chinese companies in the energy sector have reached high levels in recent years.

Agricultural Boom in Africa Countries (China Africa trade)

Benin and Sahel countries of Burkina Faso and Mali supply up to 20% of China’s cotton needs. While Cote d’Ivoire supplies China with cocoa, large shipment of coffee are imported from Kenya. As for fish products, Namibia remains on the main providers. 

Trade Gains (in retrospect)

Nigeria’s Rail Project (China Africa trade)

China’s trade increased a staggering 33% from 2010 – 2011 to a whooping US %166 billion.

In 2015 President xi Jinping pledged $60 billion over a three-year deal in loans and assistance to the African continent, which he did. And it was majorly used for roads, ports which was part of what completed Nigeria’s rail project which is a 1400 km rail from Lagos to Calabar representing approximately 200,000 jobs.

And many more…

What to expect in the 2018’s Summit (China Africa trade)  – Which is currently on-going (September 3 – 4)

It will strengthen the strategic consensus between the two sides to maintain their friendship, consolidate the political foundation for their unity and cooperation, and inject a strong impetus into the development of the bilateral ties in the new era.

The event will also chart the course for developing future relations. To build a stronger community of shared future between China and African countries (China Africa trade) and achieve win-win cooperation and common development, it will aim to synergize the Belt and Road Initiative, the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the African Union’s Agenda 2063, and the development strategies of individual African countries.

It will seek to enhance national and global support and understanding of China-Africa friendship and cooperation, and to encourage the international society to see the development of China-Africa relations from a more objective and just perspective.

The summit’s goals also include promoting economic and trade cooperation, taking longer-term benefits into account as well.

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