Buhari’s Administration – Achievments, Failures and Expectations – Shehu Sani Speaks

Buhari Administration - Senator Shehu Sani
Buhari Administration - Senator Shehu Sani

Buhari’s administration Achievments, Failures and Expectations

– Nigeria Celebrates her Democracy Day Today

– Senator Shehu Sani President Muhammadu Buhari’s works spelled out 

The Senator representing Kaduna central senatorial district, Shehu Sani, has commended President Muhammadu Buhari administration for some of the achievements recorded since assuming power in 2015. In his 2018 Democracy Day message, the Senator said Nigeria under the Buhari-led administration has recorded achievements in the areas of fighting corruption among many others.

  1. Areas of fighting corruption
  2. Self sufficiency
  3. Economy
  4. Completion of projects

The outspoken Senator however, noted that the present administration has also failed the citizens in certain areas. Listing these area Shehu said the President Buhari administration lacked respect for human rights.

According to Shehu, below is a list of failures of the present administration:
1. Failed in areas of respecting human rights
2. Protecting human lives
3. Respecting principles of separation of powers.

Buhari's administration - Senator Shehu Sani 2
Buhari’s administration – Senator Shehu Sani

The Senator further commended the president for the alleged cancellation of the $195 million defence contract which was withdrawn from the federation account.
Shehu said: “I wish to commend President Buhari for the reported cancellation of the $195 million Defence contract.Those Rodents in the Office and the cockroaches in the kitchen cabinet deserves this kind of fumigation. Kudos Baba.”
“It’s inexcusable for any government to spend such a huge sum of money in a power project that led us to darkness. The Buhari administration has the right to initiate a probe. But why did they had to wait 3 yrs until the Man to be probed criticized & raised moral issues about this Government?” he queried.

More to come on President Muhammadu Buhari Democrazy Day Speech…

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