Adams Oshiomhole not jittery about R-APC joining PDP

Adams Oshiomhole
APC National Chairman

Adams Oshiomhole, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, said the party is not jittery about members of the the R-APC joining the Peoples Democratic Party.

He also said his wooing them to stay with the APC was not an act of cowardice.

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Adams Oshiomhole spoke at the launch of a book by Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim (APC, Yobe-East). He said his gesture to the aggrieved members was all about restoring peace and getting justice for those who deserved it.

Throughout the weekend and up till today (Monday), many of the national dailies reported different stories with the impression that I have not been sleeping within the last one week as a result of alleged midnight meetings with aggrieved party members, who they say I have been begging not to leave the party.

Adams Oshiomhole
APC National Chairman


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In some of the reports, the insinuations even went as far as saying that I made juicy offers to the aggrieved party members in stopping them from defecting. While I will not be too direct in reacting to such reports here, I will only say though I have been meeting aggrieved party members over whatever injustices they felt the party or some chieftains of the party had done to them. I have not been having sleepless nights as being reported, and also I am not in any way jittery.

Rapprochement move, as far as I am concerned, is not an act of cowardice but a desirous endeavour in making peace since you can’t decree peace but only work for it. So, in a nutshell, I am not ashamed of doing that as chairman of a great party. To those who the rapprochement moves are being directed to, we want them to appreciate that we are more or less trying to prevent them from making a blunder of dumping palm wine for kain kain (local gin).

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