About NPBS

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NPBS is an Omni-channel conduit between Citizens and the Police/Emergency Services, delivered via our independently owned and operated Digital TV, FM Radio and Online Broadcast Stations a security-focused 24/7 web presence and Citizens Reporting Portal.

Technology is practically indispensable in the lives of Nigerians: we depend on it, not only in our day-to- day personal and business lives but also for the delivery of information, on demand, which keeps us informed and up-to- date.

The Nigerian Police & Emergency Services are similarly dependent on the same technology to better ensure rapid, precise, informed responses and enable more timely preventative actions.

While the technology exists to better connect Citizens and the Police,these capabilities and communications tools remain disparate and disconnected. This results in reduced opportunities to exploit early warnings which might otherwise lead to either advanced detection and prevention or more rapid interventions and resolutions.

The NPBS serves to expose and fix among others:

  • Electronic crimes and fraud throughout Nigeria.
  • Oil bunkering and pipe-line vandalization in the south-south and some parts of South-Western regions of Nigeria.
  • Communal clashes/ethno-cultural and religious crises
  • Kidnapping which was erstwhile more pronounced in the South-East now has become a stock in trade all over the country.
  • Human trafficking in the girl-child for prostitution beyond the shores of the country and boy-child for cheap and menial labor in oversea countries.
  • Smuggling, advance fee fraud (419), wholesome corruption, cyber-crimes and criminalities.
  • Terrorist groups like Boko Haram and skirmishes from herdsmen/farmers clashes.
  • Spate of campus cultism, youth restiveness and hooliganism, senseless killings of innocent citizens for rituals, drug trafficking and abuse, rape and other forms of domestic/social violence.

NPBS is an Omni-channel conduit between Citizens and the Police / Emergency Services, delivered via our independently owned and operated Digital TV, FM Radio and Online Broadcast Stations and our security-focused 24/7 web presence and Citizens Reporting Portal.

Working In direct conjunction with the Nigerian Police, NPBS will enable rapid deployment across Justice or Emergency events – while they are still hot. NPBS will also help the Nigerian Police to reach their goals of reconstructing and reaffirming the natural and necessary bond of trust between Nigerian Citizens and the Police.

TV, Radio and Website Broadcast Information Serving Nigerians in all major local languages, NPBS delivers news and Public Security information updates as well as a broad, free archive of security and legal information.

Website and Mobile Crime Reporting: “See Something, Say Something” can be inhibited by language and cultural barriers – and a concern about getting involved. NPBS removes these barriers with a fast, safe and comfortable way to perform their civic duty, including a secure but verified mechanism for anonymous tips and whistle-blowing.

Our first stage solution delivery is broad, from crime reportage and emergency response via NPBS TelevisionNPBS Radio and NPBS Online through to up-to- date news and public security information.

Our NPBS roadmap includes our planned single-number Nigerian Police Communications facilities; a “smart” National Police Emergency Command and Control Communication Center and better-connected Police service; NPBS and Studio Broadcast and Engineering facilities and presence in each of the thirty-six States and the FCT.

Above all, the NPBS will serve no agenda beyond that of serving the Citizens of Nigeria and their Police: it is and will remain 100% non-partisan to ensure its establishment as a force not only to be reckoned with, but also listened to.